stiff vs soft suspension motorcycle. Which motorcycles have the most. You may need stiffer or softer springs and possibly a revalve. All of the other plusses the rav4 has over the cx-5 offset a little stiffer ride, if it is actually stiffer. It's best to pick one that has a feel that's in between the two. Fork springs added more firmness to the suspension/ride. Modern day motorcycles are built on a variety of frames, taking into consideration things such as weight distribution, frame strength, and geometry. Why Is My Suspension So Stiff? Adjusting Motorcycle Suspension. Between providing comfort and stability as you ride alongside contributing to safety when it comes to handling and braking, both front and rear aspects of this system pull a lot of work. You can switch to 16" wheels like the LE, and with it's taller profile, it will give you a softer ride. Karns Performance said: the R is worth the money. Gen1/Gen2 Diavel vs 1260s Suspension for Big Rider. Aside from cars, you can also make adjustments to the suspension of your motorcycle to make it street-worthy. The motorcycle frame, suspension, and engine work in tandem to deliver an overall riding feel of the motorcycle. In general, stiff suspension and/or a rigid frame contributes to a quick, sharp and precise-handling motorcycle. You've got to take the left saddle bag off to turn the ****. I tend to like softer springs(or air pressure in my AERs and more compression Ive got stiffer springs and softer valving on my bike. The softer factory setting is usually okay to soak up some bumps in the road but will be bouncier for a heavier rider. At the same time, a overly soft setup would lead to a jumpy and bumpy ride while doing high speeds in a straight line. The softer a car is the more it will grip, so theoretically a soft front end and stiff rear end should be the best drift set up because while cornering you will have more grip up front and less in the rear, BUT (and this is a BIG BUT) you will lose so much stability and responsiveness that the car will be nearly undrivable and will limit your. Final selection is not only dependent on final figures but also personal preference. Stiff springs provide stability, but ride quality can suffer because of their rigidity. Too little compression damping (the suspension is too soft), and the spring will compress too quickly, causing the suspension to easily bottom out. In that case the bike will tend to run wide. But too soft can also be an annoyance. Damper is a catch-all term that can apply to a front strut or rear shock. Rotate the preload adjustment knob clockwise the recommended number of turns (see table below) to increase the preload for the total weight of the rider, passenger, and cargo. I'd say it was all done by May or June of that year. You have to have a balance between the two depending on what you want to be doing with the vehicle. When you combine this roll-off with the cabin gain associated with most vehicles, you can get excellent and linear low-frequency extension well into the infrasonic region. A motorcycle suspension setup primarily consists of two telescopic tubes at the front and a swingarm mounted with twin or single shock absorber at the rear. U can steer ur car easily at high speed on extreme corners while in a soft suspension car if u turn. Interested in your opinion (or anyone else's after riding sport vs non sport. Harshness/Deflection The compression damping is too stiff, soften the compression clickers. If you are outside of what your bike is set up for, all the clicker changes still won't make . IF THE LOCKING RING IS PLASTIC, TAPPING IT CAN BE RISKY. As a thumb rule a stiffer spring is fitted on a heavier vehicle and a softer spring fitted on a lighter vehicle. Paved roads were few and far between, rear suspension on motorcycles was designed to increase riding comfort and riding quality. You only need 'stiff' suspension if you're a heavy rider or if you're aggressive at riding off-road on rough terrain. A stiff spring rides higher in its stroke and doesn't need as much preload, which means that a stiffer spring. CBR500 VS Yamaha R3: Which one should you choose?. An acoustic suspension speaker enclosure reduces bass output at a rate of -12 dB per octave below the resonant frequency. Just bought the Dual Sport Riding DVD and they addressed suspension setup (sag etc) but noted it didn't apply to the BMW. compress much under hard front brake use or the rear doesn't seem to squat . At 30mm static you want 100mm rider sag. The KTM 390 Duke's chassis, suspension and tyre changes. I put Ohlins cartridges in the fork and a YA335 shock on the rear of my for a street bike should be in the 40mm range, or roughly 1/3 of . BARE BONES: BELIEVE IT OR NOT — STIFFER IS SOFTER. The Gixxer by Suzuki is a good choice for daily rides with style. If your bike feels better but now feels too soft and bouncy, add a couple clicks in at a time until it feels just right. December 3, 2016 January 4, 2017. I understand the spring comment you made, " if the sag is correct, than it can't be the springs. An overly stiff suspension setup could also lead to back . We all want to get the best performance out of our drag vehicle, and a properly tuned drag race suspension enables the vehicle to launch straight while transferring weight to the. Lots of good reasons to modify the stock suspension. The simple answer is the suspension is too stiff for the load. KTM 85's work best with near 100mm of rider sag. A soft shock spring lets the suspension fall onto the rear wheel under acceleration, pull the front wheel off the ground and run wide on a turn exit. But the linkage shock will get stiffer further up, thus providing bottoming resistance. too hard at the front making it bumpy as shit and handle wank. So very often you make the suspension firmer to make it feel softer. If you never bottom out, lower the spring stiffness. But it's not as simple as putting in a stiffer spring – the . The controller even gives the option to set the suspension manually. 3 Our 10 Picks of best shocks and struts. When the class was created back in 1985 with Yamaha's Virago 1100, anything in that range was thought to be plenty powerful-and in many segments of the motorcycle market literbikes are still widely considered to be the big guns. We can see in the data that the fork stroked more easily at the expense of riding lower in the travel. The suspension is ultimately where the Honda fell short. Suspension 201: Basic Setup. Fortunately, adjusting a motorcycle's suspension can be done by just about anyone with a few simple tools and a friend or two. The engine is meaty and the exhaust sounds great. The shock must be soft enough in compression to provide a comfortable ride but stiff enough in extension to keep the suspension from oscillating and keep the tire planted on the. Too soft and the car will bounce around all 4 wheels like it is riding on balloons. most cars ive had have been silly low so had the rear set as stiff as poss to stop movement/tyres hitting the arch #4 initial_j, Nov 2, 2010. If ur dampening is to soft ur suspension will bottom out and ur tire will lock up. But then why do race cars have such stiff suspensions?. The stiffer the suspension, the more stable the bike is. Subtracting the second measurement from the first will give you the sag – simple. Bicycle suspension is used primarily on mountain bikes, but is also common on hybrid bicycles. A very bumpy surface will need softer settings. Instability of the front end of the motorcycle, a very fast oscillation from side to side of the front end. Ever wondered how harder and softer front springs affect bike handling? We take a look in 3D!. I ocassionally faces difficulties with this, usually the European cars, and have been tinkering around with the suspensions. Soft Bottoms are OK but borderline. These are coil springs, the most common type of spring found in modern passenger vehicles. STIFF/SLOW SOFT/FAST: These words are used to describe the damping quality of the forks or shock. The rear shock on a wing is marginal when new, and wears out quickly. This means it will tend to be both too harsh on the small bumps as well as too soft on the big bumps. suspension and geometry adjustments when you have no idea of the basics: where your clickers are, ride height, springs rate, soft" or "it was to stiff". You can, in theory, adjust the threaded ring just forward of the spring on the rear to make it harder or softer. Run your suspension as soft as you can get away with but remember that if the trail has. A soft spring will initially ride high in the rear because it needs to be preloaded more than a stiffer spring. If a 17" wheel/tire combination will fit your vehicle, then to soften up your ride, you could use a 17" rim with a tire size that could be up to 29. If the shock spring is too stiff there will be little weight transfer to the rear on acceleration and the bike won't hook up. Shocks are only ONE part of a suspension. too much rebound damping) then go half way between your current setting and fully-soft (three quarters out from fully-stiff). But even Mr Gwinn will have his set as soft as he can. The Ins and Outs of Motorcycle Suspension. For most dirt bikes, a rule of thumb is around 100mm, but you should check your manual for the recommended figure. Adjusting the OEM shocks to account for a passenger and/or luggage was pretty simple. 8 Yamaha FJR1300A: Rider and pillion will enjoy the ride and thermal comforts, although it’s best for tall riders. If overly stiffened, the ride would become harsh and after a certain point, unbearable. Stiffness in the suspension action as a result of XC with no big hits or jumps envisioned then I would opt for a softer suspension. And it'll want you to know that, as far as your suspension goes, there is such a thing as too stiff. First, extend the front suspension completely. The real problem is that there is only about 3 inches of travel in the rear suspension. Once upon a time, nearly every motorcycle manufacturer in the land carried middleweight bikes at the core of its lineup. To make them softer, remove oil. The wrong setup also leads to tire wear. If you mainly drive on country roads and highways with smoother surfaces, go for soft suspension. So the T100 turns into corners with a considered pace and a neutral stance. Again, most OEMs who've been around a while know what makes a car fast vs. Soft suspension can also causes the motorcycle to feel slower to respond and less assured at. Shocks (or Struts) are only ONE part of the total suspension. Discussion Starter · #7 · May 15, 2012. Lack of confidence in your car's setup leads to poor performance. For a comfortable and controlled ride, you need springs that are soft enough to handle bumps but stiff enough to resist bottoming and excessive chassis pitch while braking and accelerating. Single shock rear suspension requires less. See all 13 photos The right suspension for your car isn't really up for debate. A motorcycle suspension setup primarily consists of two telescopic tubes at the front and a swingarm mounted with twin or single shock absorber at the. Push down on the front end, to collapse the fork. But for now, there are 3 key factors to motorcycle suspension: Sag. For bikes that have the rear wheel hop while braking and go too hard on bumpy . 46 front, i just threw the stock springs back in since they are. However for pakistani bumby roads soft suspension is ideal but on the other side soft suspension will lead you handling issues and at higher speeds your car will be poorly stable and if you under steer it a little bit it may get dis-balance ur car. as the stiff suspension setup offers more feedback, making it more predictable. Learn how-to adjust them inside this Dr. It doesn't feel dangerous or anything, but I can't help but wonder if I'd have a better riding experience if the front suspension was tuned for my weight. Adventure Rider - Ride the World. Selecting the Best Motorcycle Frame. The motorcycle should track straight through the whoops with the rear wheel extending to the ground before the next maximum plushness from your suspension. I had the front set too soft and the rear too hard. SQUAT: Compression of the rear suspension as a reaction of weight transfer and/or chain pull. Anyone with the formula for our suspension setup. How often should we lubricate Harley Davidson chain? - Strictly Motorcyles on Top 5 Best Seats for Suzuki Hayabusa. Imagine we have a car with a super stiff spring on the front left tire, and a super soft spring on the front right tire, heading towards a 20 millimeter indent ahead where the road drops. Superbike-Coach Motorcycle Suspension Guide The suspension setting process provided here is a "Basic" methodical guide to providing a way to update you current suspension to the style of riding to best suit your needs. If you have too little sag, your bike will be prone to "topping out" the suspension as it extends to its limit. So I am no stranger to motorcycle suspensions. Learning to adapt your driving style to your car's setup is an important skill to develop, but at the same time don. I would like to open a discussion between the advantages and disadvantages of soft or firm suspension settings. The damping of Cogent Dynamics shocks are controlled via an advanced piston design that provides a varying damping force that automatically adjusts to the velocity and frequency of the wheel. This is why a 300 lb rider would require a stiffer rate spring and more preload to maintain the same ride height as a 150 lb rider. Thus tuning the suspension for straight highway road towards the destination would be redundant. Too much rebound will compromise traction, often causing the suspension to feel stiff due to the suspension “packing” or riding lower in the stroke. In time he learned to construct mechanical modes of transportation such as ships, cars, airplanes, trains, and motorcycles. Likewise, even with a perfect shock specification, poor. Power chair manufacturers employ different types of suspension systems to reduce this exposure, mostly by utilizing a spring setup with linkages. The V-Max glides slickly through twists, and the suspension, though exceptionally stiff, performs admirably. So you could say that, in a general sense, the stiffness designed for a particular car suspension would be proportional to the weight of the vehicle that the suspension needs to support at a given height. now imagine no suspension and some cheesy spring seat with either too soft or too stiff springing (not much choice to be had). The stock suspension on the Gen1/2 Diavel leaves a lot to be desired - the rear shock is way too soft and will definitely not support a 270 lb rider while the front is rock hard - too stiff even for someone your size. Spring rate is measured in newtons per millimeter (N/mm), pounds per inch (lb. Whichever setting feels best while YOU are on the bike is the right setting. 0 rear so I am just leaving the 6. Yamaha Sniper 155 vs Honda Supra GTR 150 Comparison. This feels fine, and the bike handles well enough, but it feels weird with the rear suspension nice and stiff, but the front suspension so soft. The Importance of Power Wheelchair Suspension. Owned an R1200R with very similar susp settings (but inverted forks in front) and GS beats it. Lifting a vehicle: (With stiffer springs and tighter suspension parts). From my motorcycle racing days stiffer suspension tended to absorb less of the "information" felt by the contact patch and transmitted to me through the pegs, bars and seat. Hi-Def subs offer the perfect mix of control and. How stiff or soft you have the compression set will dictate the amount of movement the tire will have. Another problem is that if you choose shocks that give a soft ride, then the handling sucks. First off, the whole point of inventing suspension was to allow movement over uneven ground. In some systems, both springs and dampers work together within each fork leg. The stiffer the sping, the less movement you can do. I have had my Gold Wing for 2 years. Generally speaking, stiffer springs and dampers enable a car to better cope with body roll. Setting sag is the one thing that every rider thinks he can do, but normally does wrong. Too much compression damping (too stiff) and the spring won't have time to compress as much as is needed to fully absorb the energy, and the force of the bump will transfer to the steering head and. Lack of rear grip: Rear end is too hard or too high – start with taking off some preload and a little bit of compression. Best bang for the buck suspension upgrade (Front + Rear. But this is limited because remember you have a sway bar attached too. Suspension Setup Unfortunately there is no literature that can give you the perfect setup for your Harley. It has the Decel wobble which was corrected with All Balls. Suspension setup is individually dependent on the rider (style, preference) and road conditions, which vary from the surface and climate. It's a dark art but getting your bikes suspension right makes a huge difference. but again this is limited as you still have sway bars attached. I don't know about 2009's, but my '04 has stiffer suspension than any other bike I've ridden or even just sat on. I brought a device along for reading the bike's computer but never had to use it. Advantage/Disadvantage of Soft/Hard Suspension. There are some bikes in that application chart where both shocks are spec'd; here's just one of many examples: KAWASAKI Z 750 `07-`11 MZ506-330TR-19-X KAWASAKI Z 750 `07-`11 MZ456-330TR-19-X. Motorcycles are also known as motorbikes, bikes, or cycles. If the suspension is too soft it can feel too hard, because it is riding low in its stroke and precompressing the springs too much. I am currently rockin the progress full coilover setup on my integra. Bicycle suspension can be implemented in a variety of ways, and any combination thereof: Front suspension. The reason I mentioned the springs was that particular model is known to have a stiff rear and soft front, stock. On race bikes it's more common that the front has been stiffened to deal with heavy braking and the back drops more. It is easier to achieve handling and performance with a lower spring rate and a "stiff" stabilizer bar or shock. Öhlins, Showa and Sachs electronic suspension packages are all capable of helping even the sportiest bikes glide along the roughest of roads. We at Superbike-Coach know about the value and […]. I think it's wise to set up a novice rider's bike with slower rebound because he doesn't need it faster (which can lead to deflection and getting knocked around more) whereas a faster rider is likely to be hitting more things faster so needs the suspension moving faster to compensate. The stiffer suspension will ensure your motorcycle is pushed exactly where you want to. What you "feel" is a combination of the list above, and other things, including all the other suspension parts, from swaybars, springs, frame-type, etc. Finding the right balance between stiff and soft springs and suspension is paramount. Our next question is always "What you can improve the motorcycle and make it "the best it can be". The verdict is still out on the high compression cx-5 engine!. Rear suspension is approximately 30% - 33%, the front is around 25% - 30% of the total suspension travel. Also try to speed up rebound a little this can also help with traction issues. Softer more flexible in rocks crawling. The controller can save upto 20 suspension setting in it. Harley Davidson Dyna Glide: Suspension Performance Diagnostic Guide. The setup is quite simple and consists of long hydraulic tubes with coil spring fitted internally. Winding on 10mm of preload to our bike's 1kg/mm spring at the front, for example, would raise the front end by 10mm. Is there any rebound or damping adjustment on those shocks? If those shocks follow the same premise as the OEM shocks where zero air equals the least stiff setting, and zero air is for a 150 lb rider, you should have them set. Hi-Def (Soft Suspension) – Designed for systems where fidelity is the focus, and everyday listening will be done primarily inside the car. Stiff suspension here is a problem, because when you hit a. If it is too low in the travel, the rider may think the shocks are too stiff and back out the compression, when in reality it's near the end of its stroke and is harsh because it's too soft. The MX-5's soft suspension makes for a lot of body roll in corners. On the track i set up suspension on request. The riding posture of the bike is straight and is comfortable for long rides too. Good suspension provides comfort and traction. The first is the more I ride the Meteor, the more I like it! It's really a comfortable motorcycle for my long commute to the office. Conversely, the regular shafted clubs are going to flex more. This necessarily is a compromise as the optimum values are a function or rider weight and the expected use of the motorcycle (cruising vs canyon carving, plush ride vs high performance). Adjusting your bike's suspension is one of the most satisfying Fork preload makes the bike feel softer or harder at the front. - im mid A pace at trackdays with stock suspension and stock damper. Comparison: Touring Rear Shocks. In a side-by-side comparison, one could have an equally soft suspension, with both setups, in, lets' say, the first 1/3rd of the stroke. With soft suspension, the shakes and bumps of a given terrain can be absorbed with ease. Joined: Mar 28, 2005 Posts: 2,172 Likes Received: 2. I think the best advice is for you to set the bike up however is most comfortable (as in confidence) for you. Soft suspension seems to do this better in many off-roading cases, while stiff suspension may be better for smooth roads and raceways. Squat occurs especially usually under rapid acceleration. Dual Shock Motorcycle Suspension. Suspension Performance Diagnostic Guide. The choice between soft or stiff shocks depends on the ride's quality that you want to enjoy. In the KTM owners manual there is a chart for spring rates vs rider weight. If this doesn't improve grip, . All suspension should be run as soft as possible. Remember this phrase—"stiffer is softer. The downside is that the overall grip level of your front wheels will be reduced. USE A SPECIALIST TOOL IN THE OEM TOOLKIT. The shocks themselves were relatively skinny things and they were bolted at the very back of the bike, nearly directly above the. It won't dive and wobble around as much when you corner and brake. FREE SAG or BIKE SAG refers to the amount the vehicle settles with no rider. the R suspension is not softer - it may feel that way but there is less stiction and the damping is noticeably smoother. And as was also pointed out, there's more to it than just soft or hard. We encourage everyone to pre-register for the events Here are the dates for 2022:. The stiffer preload settings will give you less bounce but also a much firmer ride so you will feel the road a lot more. A beginner shouldn't start out with stiff suspension as they won't have the experience of skills to handle a rough riding bike. Suspension is one of the more complex parts of a mountain bike. Who runs rock hard suspension and who runs soft suspension. (If the adjusters aren’t marked, check your. The advantages of the soft springs are better to ride quality since it absorbs all the irregularities on the road quite effectively. A spring’s rate, or stiffness, is determined by the amount of weight required to compress it a given distance. Mark zoomed in on the data, focused on Ryan's initial throttle movement and found his application was extremely aggressive, and too quick. It is important to note that correctly adjusting your suspension won't necessarily make your bike ride like a dream (that's what aftermarket upgrades are for). Our riders turned the compression in two clicks on the fork to stiffen it up and get more balance placed on the rear. Here are some tips: First, do not measure the sag with the rider. With stiff bushings, race compound tires, and a fairly stiff chassis from the factory, a 2. Once you've decided which suspension option is best for your truck, find the parts you need at 4 Wheel Parts. Springs support the weight of the vehicle. Bicycle suspension is the system, or systems, used to suspend the rider and bicycle in order to insulate them from the roughness of the terrain. For that reason it's important to realise that your preload changes directly affect geometry. We define it as using 90% of the total available travel. Spring rate change and/or internal damping adjustments may be required. Making Sense Of Suspension: SPRINGS. A stock SV definitely falls into the "too soft" category, especially up front. This makes the tail easier to slide out and drift. Conversely, a stiff spring will have a lower initial ride height but will feel more. Note where the fork stops moving as you and your friend load the fork springs linearly, or. Spring rate has to be really high before it impacts comfort. Stiff means the rider will feel more feedback being passed. The suspension is fairly stiff, with a generous 4+ inches of travel at both ends. ), and "soft ride" Rear Engine Dragsters. A softer suspension will offer more mechanical grip as it will do a better job of keeping the tires on the ground vs a stiff. Clickers work like a carburetors fuel screw and fine tune your suspension. It’s pretty impressive, really. In order for comfort to truly be achieved, the suspension needs to be softer. See the differences between hard tail and full suspension mountain bikes to find the right Trek MTB for the trails you ride. Basically utility trailer bounce happens when there is not enough compliance in the system for the current load. The Scouts problem from the factory is a really stiff rear and a soft front, evening that out did the trick. Both dirt bikes have fairly soft suspension, which is great if you're just getting into riding. Soft is not always “slow” and stiff is not always “ideal”. I think it's the shock valving that isn't working for you. Motorcycle Suspension Tuning Guide. (6) Oil height To make your forks stiffer (for free) add oil. The art of "dialing in" a suspension is a science and an art form. SOFT SUSPENSION: A soft suspension will have soft spring meaning it will allow more compression and extension. As I said, winding on preload actually raises the suspension. Step 1: Extend the suspension completely and measure. Softer Suspension = Smaller Enclosure Stiffer Suspension = Larger Enclosure Softer Suspension = Lower Mechanical Power Handling Stiffer Suspension = Higher Mechanical Power Handling Softer Suspension = Lower Fs Stiffer Suspension = Higher Fs. The electronic suspensions, now make their way to most of the production Superbikes after 2016. How To Stop Utility Trailer Bounce. And Im not a Ham fisted panic braker. This is a popular practice for cars with soft. Static testing told me it has decent rebound damping so it might be just fine. Premium shocks are a PITA to adjust. There shouldn't be anything wrong with the shock you have. The stiff shafted clubs are going to flex less during the swing than the regular shafted clubs. The top of these forks are connected to the frame of the motorcycle in a T-clamp while the other end is fitted to the front wheel’s axle. Particularly for a rider of my weight. It's easy to get lost in parts catalogs; easy to be confused by conflicting opinions on the. Too soft, too stiff, under-damped, over-damped, all of these can make your bike less fun to ride, even down a flat straight freeway. The suspension on a motorcycle. If you regularly have a passenger or go through rough terrains, stiff shocks would be a better choice. Answer (1 of 13): Several answers are just wrong. We can't forget about braking, acceleration or cornering forces either. For the front shocks, it is a better choice if you can use soft shocks to enjoy better absorption. It's best to make suspension adjustments for each terrain style you encounter, even making minor adjustments throughout the day to get the most from certain sections of the course. When suspension works correctly the bike will be much more enjoyable to ride. As it turns out, there's an order that you ought to follow, which'll give you the best results. MO Wrenching: How To Set Suspension Sag. With its focus on INNOVATION and PERFORMANCE, WP gives riders a dynamic edge to take . of a bike that has a slightly stiff rear shock or spring ? know if it's the rear spring being too stiff, fork springs are too soft, . The suspension gradually starting bouncing. With stiffer suspension settings there is lesser body dive as the motorcycle enters the corner. Step 1: Select a spring rate and whatever dampers you plan on using. Also available for DIY installing. Shocks can be either stiff or soft. (Too much rebound damping can feel like too much compression if the shock is unable to re-extend quickly enough between bumps. A loose, soft or sagging suspension can cause body roll that throws your entire point of velocity off track. It seems everyone is clued in that suspension setup can be a key to riding fast and safely, but how do you do it? No matter what shock or fork you have, they . The vlogger mentions that, the meter on the controller shows how stiff or soft the suspension actually is. Here's an old thread (from the FAQ) on the brand subject. A word used to describe a motorcycle in motion with the front wheel off the ground. If it feels soft, add compression damping. I think the 97 Camry LE I just sold rides a bit softer than my 2013. Most of the time a harsh or stiff feeling is due to too much compression damping, or a too soft a spring that lets the fork bottom. Too stiff and bumps would rattle your teeth and brains to mush! Lotus, a British exotic car manufacturer, is generally known for being the masters of this art. I know, it's a long title but I think it'll make sense in a minute. There is a good cruise speed at around 90kmph where the bike just glides with the eco indicator displayed. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set - A Complete Package with All the Necessary Stuff. They are typical tuning kits for low-rider motorcycles, mostly the cruiser types. Suspension: Front Stiff vs Rear Stiff. So stiff my 220 lbs barely deflects it in it softest setting. I either buy a silly toy of a bike, then set about trying to make it practical and comfortable, equipping it with luggage and satellite. We first tried replacing just one giving us one 1. The Stateline turned out to have an almost unbearable stiff ride that probably damaged my spine when I hit some large bumps on it. For a short burst of action, it is best to keep the suspension towards the stiffer side to achieve maximum traction while entering and exiting the corner. The suspension modification using this kit provides utter comfort and a sense of control when it comes to cruising on your bike. If it's too stiff on-road then when you get off-road it will only be worse. DD offers three distinct suspension set-ups to choose from: Hi-Def Tuned (Soft Suspension), Power Tuned (Standard Suspension) and Extra Stiff Suspension. Jump to Latest Follow I wouldn't own a bike with less than 4" suspension in the rear, unless it was actually a historic vehicle for "parade laps". Progressive suspension is the best way to lower your motorcycle.