end fed half wave antenna 160m. Will a loading coil have the same effect on a end-fed ½ wave (vertical) as . Feeding an End Fed Half Wave Antenna ½ l •May work (somewhat) since the coax shield acts as a counterpoise: •Coax shield provides the return path for the RF field •Performance will vary with X, proximity to ground, etc •SWR losses on the coax can be a problem •Tuner needs to be at the base of the antenna X RF Field Tuner. It now resonates on 160, 60 and 6 meters when in the bypassed position. April 7-12, 2019, I operated VP5/W3PYF from Turks & Caicos with the LNR Trail antenna and my KX3 running off AC power at about 11-15 watts. The unique design characteristics of this 10-160 Meter EFHW HF JPole antenna enables coverage of major HF bands (10/12/15/17/20/40/80 Meters). 22 Different Wire Antennas for the 160 Meter Band. These dra-matic changes are re-peated at multiples of A/2 and these regions must be avoided if the impedances of a multi-band antenna are to be kept reasonably low and uncomplicated on. so the radiating part of the antenna slopes down at at least 45 degrees that way you got both polarisations, vertical and horizontal, much less fading and firing angle is at about 20-25 degrees. 6 dB 360º 10 ft diam tuned loop 4 dB 105º 90 ft tall Tee Vertical 4. Remember, a half wave is about 67 feet and so the first pole will have to accommodate at least 16. Mounting the 80 metre end fed antenna. I planned to join a 160m SOTA summit-to-summit attempt in April 2017 and so obviously needed a 160m capable antenna that could be carried to the top of a mountain – not so easy at that wavelength. EFH160 END FED HALF WAVE ANTENNA, 160M; EFH160 . 624 m long) which goes up some 25 feet (7-8 m), then over horizontally, at an average of 25 feet (7-8 m) above ground, to a tree at the far end of my property. Portable operation could not be easier. The advantage is that it has a very wide working bandwidth compared with other types of antennas (refer to the measured SWR graph). ALTAI SWR Meter Conversion for HF Bands 1. No Special Equipment To Purchase Or Construct. You may find that you can use the antenna on 20m, 15m and 10m when tuned to 40m as it becomes a multiple of a half wavelength long, although the SWR may be a bit higher. This standing wave consists of both current and voltage that are 90 degrees out of phase. An advantage of end-fed antennas is of course the simplicity, especially for fieldwork this is a huge advantage. The included angle between the arms is 120°. Find Par EndFedz® Antennas and get Free Shipping on Most Orders Over $99 at DX Engineering! Par EndFedz® Antennas are End Fed Half Wave (EFHW) antennas with the match box coax connection at the end of the wire, for convenient and quick stealth portable operations. The trouble is, a quarter wave on 40 metres is a half wave at 20m. Chester rationalized that there might be some impedance friendly length of wire usable for an end-fed antenna - near 1/2 wave - that didn't present the tough-to. That’s a 50:1 impedance mismatch for a 50 Ω output radio (SWR of 2500/50=50:1). Mike constructed an EFHW (End Fed Half Wave) or, perhaps more accurately referred to as an “Extremely Off Center Fed Dipole” for 160 and 80. The UnUn is fixed to a pole at the furthest point from the house. 80 to 6 meters end-fed antenna The ULTIMAX 100 antenna is designed with the H. 160 meter full wave loops won't work well for NVIS when used . Antenna And Wave Propagation Question Bank With Answers. EFHW 10-160 METER 60′ END FED HALF WAVE ANTENNA. If you're like me, you don't have enough real estate for that amount of wire! However, you DO NOT need a full sized antenna to produce a respectable, if not good signal on 160 meters. NEW 200W PEP VERSION! Easy and fast installation. 160-80-40 m End Fed Antenna G0CSK iss 1. FT240-43 toroid (3) 14 gauge enameled wire (97", about 8' and change). I decided to bring an end fed antenna to the party. 52 - Center Fed-Zepp Antenna for 80m - 40m. One thing to keep in mind is that most of the DX action on 160m happens in the low end of the band, so that is where the best signals will be required. Features : The single-band 80m-10m end-feed half-wave linear antenna provides the antenna. This simple antenna will work all bands 7 MHz and above. –Half-wave dipole is 260 Ft, and it's. K4TR HALF WAVE END FED ZEPP ANTENNA (MADE TO ORDER) This Classic Antenna Consists Of A 125 Foot End Fed Flat Top Wire With 50 Feet Of Parallel Feed Line. Use a 200 pf capacitor instead of 100 pf. 80/160 instructions followHam Radio Pair of Antenna Traps 80/160m Low Swr. RDF of 160M Antennas (W8JI) Antenna RDF Beam Inv vee 120 ft apex 0. Optional 4mm aluminium mounting. 7m) central support and a 12ft (3. 160m Top Band Inverted _L_ Antenna - G8ODE iss 1. Real End Fed Half Wave Antennas. Our QRPGuys EFHW Antenna with Tuner is the perfect companion for your 40m-15m or 80m outdoor expeditions, restricted apartment location, or just for fun in the backyard on a pleasant. To be honest, even if effective, the antenna described below will tune somewhat sharply (narrower 2:1 SWR bandwidth) than full half wave dipole. As the “counterpoise” itself approaches a half wavelength, the impedance approaches 5000 ohms. We strung it in the trees of the campsite, fed-end high with a 60 foot RG58 feed, 45 degree of slope with 35 feet of wire. Multiple dipole antennas (half wavelength wire) can be attached to the feed point for multi-band use . If the SWR on the antenna side rises, the permance of the balun, specifically, its ability to reject common mode current, deteriorates rapidly. It is not a good choice for working lower bands from a too short wire, that is, if you have cut your wire to a 20m halfwave, it ain't much punkin' for 40m, 80m, or 160m. I recently built a Parallel tuned coupler for feeding end fed half waves from 7-30MHz and this was tested on a few bands. Improved by BD5IK this HF End-Fed that covers 40-10m, resontant on 40m, 20m, 15m, 10m on HF. Then he had RG-58 coax running from the balun to the shack. In the case of the center-fed full wave dipole (i. Most recent Reviews XIEGU VG4 7. A 133ft long 80m version will do 80m through 10m plus WARC bands depending on mfr. Its invention made it possible to halve the length of antennas, simplifying communications, especially at HF and below. an Odd Quarter Wave-Length of your target band 186 ft / 16. The dipole half on the left end experiences End Effect on its left side while the dipole half on the right end experiences End Effect on its right side. One of the most useful antennas in the repertoire is the Marconi or quarter wave grounded vertical antenna. The internal tuner of my FT950 tuned this antenna also on the other bands. Remote Station – New antenna for 160M and 80M. An overview and where it all started 2. The popular End Fed Half Wave is all things to all men, but this article compares an End Fed Half Wave, Inverted L, and Half Wave Dipole with some common parameters: frequency: 7. About End Fed Halfwave and Tuner For 80-160 The resource is currently listed in dxzone. - End-Fed antennas have wild impedance swings. An EFHW (End Fed Half Wave) antenna for 160-10m band operation. A small portable 160m EFHW tuner design. Antenna Challenge #2: K6ARK End-Fed Half-Wave paired with the Elecraft KX1. 160 Meter Antennas 1/2 wave dipole(255 '@ 1. In general, any combination of . It is not necessary to calculate the above; the results are sown in the following table. You will also need a half-wavelength length of wire (14 or 12 gauge typically) in order to construct an antenna radiator for whichever ham band you choose. VSWR readings of the resonant 1/4 wave end-fed 160 meter antenna. Half wave Dipole (Antennas 9, 10, 11 and 12) - Fantasy Antenna Many strong stations on topband employ a horizontal or inverted 'V' halfwave dipole. Steve Dick, K1RF - End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) Antenna. An EFHW (End Fed Half Wave) antenna for 160-10m band operation When I moved to our nice new QTH in a residential area, where our garden is about 15mx15m, what to put as HF antenna ? Well, it is possible to erect a multiband vertical right in the middle, with a good grounding of at least 50 buried radials - this is what I have foreseen for. The last series of compact 160 meter antennas were not that satisfactory. HF Surface Wave Propagation (Ground Wave). 8-30 Mhz, 300W SSB, 45 feet, (T2FD) - $325. Several companies make the transformer and complete antennas and if. It has been purposely reduced in length compared to a full sized 80m dipole by the insertion of a 70uH loading coil. The best antenna I have built was a 40m elevated ground plane. Notice how the feedpoint is not quite as high impedance as the top of the antenna. The zeppelin antenna (or simply "zepp") is a popular end-fed wire antenna for shortwave bands and has lots of simularities with the J-pole antenna. Off-Center-Fed Full-Wave Doublet Antenna. His results were quite good, considering the low power and antenna requirements of this band just below the standard broadcast (MW) band. In this video, Hiram Vazquez does an excellent job of explaining the theory, design, construction, and use of the delta loop antenna. The antenna could be used as either an inverted V or a half wave vertical on the higher bands. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for end fed hf antenna 6m-160m at the best online prices at eBay! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for end fed hf antenna 6m-160m at the best online prices at eBay! 1:49-49:1 Balun For 5-35MHZ End Fed Half-Wave Antenna 100W PEP. MFJ 1779A 160M Dipole Antennas. The antenna has a full 300kHz bandwidth on 80m between 3:1 SWR points. The Voltage distribution on the half-wave is co-sinusoidal and so a voltage node exists where there is a current anti-node and vice versa. com MEF-107-2K+ End Fed Half Wave Antenna Transformer 160m-40m w/Wire. The EFHW Alpha J-Pole Sr end fed half wave HF end fed half wave HF antenna is only 60 feet in length. Its up to you to get it as high as possible. For example, a 160M dipole would need to be about 260' (one half wavelength) above ground, whereas a vertical antenna can be ground mounted. unless the antenna is mounted a half-wave above ground or more. 2MHz, ground mounted) SWR - Actual bandwidth on the 50Ω side of the coupler will be much narrower, due to the tuned circuit we are using. Here are some photos of one of my 9:1 baluns. The End Fed Half Wave antenna or the popularly known EFHW antenna has been around almost ever since the inception of HF radio. End point at 10m in tree No counterpoise Transformer grounded to earth stake Approx 7m coax (shield as counterpoise) Ferrite choke just prior to shack entry to prevent common mode currents SWR readings: 160m <1. EFHW-8010-1K ™ Multi-Band End Fed Half Wave Antenna. The Reduced Half Sloper requires being mounted on a tower or hung from a tree at or about 40’-45’ up. Some houses don’t really lend themselves to installing a half-wave dipole. In fact, it looks more like an end-fed 1/4 wave 160 meter antenna(130 ft or 39. With a tuner, it may be usable on the 80 meter band, depending on metallic and other objects near the antenna - 80 meter operation is easier when expanding the antenna to 2+2 coils. Search: 160m Vertical Antenna Design. 86 feet, based on that illustration. A DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna is an extremely broad-banded Half Wave Antenna that can operate efficiently across an entire Ham band with little change to the SWR. End-fed half wave antennas are best for temporary antennas using low power and batteries, far from power mains and noise sources. All you need is a kite and 80 meters (262. It is fed with home-made open wire feedline. This antenna is still used widely today, especially in marine, land mobile and long. We continue our antenna offerings with this single band, 80m-10m end fed half wave wire antenna. 160 meters band antenna category is a curation of 146 web resources on , 160m Mobile Aerial by M0VEY, 160m Kite Vertical Antenna, Vertical antenna for 160 …. The air core inductor is replaced with a toroid and the variable capacitor is replaced with a fixed capacitor combination. As you can see, my 160 meter antenna can cover at least half the 160 meter band within a 2:1 SWR. I am also using a end-fed half wave 160M antenna and L Network tuner here. This paracord was pulled taught and tied off on a cleat. June 2018 - Updated January 2019. 160m half wave dipole gain versus height (2020) 80m half wave dipole impedance versus height (2020) Magnetic Loop Antenna for 80 m 2004 Mascot Switched PSU 9320. K1RF’s presentation on End Fed Half Wave Antennas. This 10-160 Meter EFHW HF antenna enables coverage of major HF bands (10/12/15/17/20/40/80 Meters). The HEDZ for 80m and 160m requires 3 poles A, B and C. Just wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed I am with your MK3 - 5 band end fed antenna. The Par Electronics EF-SWL is an end-fed short wave antenna optimally designed for 1-30 MHz reception. Antenna modeling suggests that the impedance is closer to 1800 ohms depending on the “counterpoise” length used. While 1/8th wave works reasonably well, better coverage is obtained if the antenna is mounted at about 1/20th wavelength above ground. A half-wave at the lowest band of interest will also work well on all harmonically-related bands which has become particularly attractive to those wanting a quick portable wire antenna. The 2 parallel elements give it its nickname of the JPole antenna. You'll need the counterpoise otherwise RF . I also get the best performance possible from my HOA infected city lot with this configuration on 40m. Multi-band end-fed antenna with mounting bracket 80/40/20/15/10m shortened. PDF Study of the Off Centre Fed Dipole Antenna. RaDAR - 160m end fed half wave antenna building instructions Posted: 03 Jul 2017 06:21 AM PDT This is about the easiest way to build a 160m antenna. Let's take a look at some of the pictures This is the North end of the antenna. Not in the picture is a N6RK design receive loop for 160 and 80m, this is working very well. Here's another great antenna for the 160 meter amateur radio band. Even though the WSPR mode is very efficient and claims a gain of +30dB compared to. The most right of the bottom wire is attached to the house (using insulators). Most of all the antenna for HF that I use are fed with ladder line 450 ohm. EFHW-7510-2K-Plus Multiband End Fed Half Wave Antenna Improved version of the EFHW-7510-2K, now with (3) three large cores, 2. " Multiband PAR End-fedz nabouwen" (in Dutch), 2011. Max length 65 ft Minimum height 30 ft Should be connected to a ground. 160m End Fed Half Wave kite antenna. All you need to do is add your antenna wire - the Messi & Paoloni Dipoflex wire is ideal; See accessories. 9 Example: To use an antenna from 80m to 10m, the feedline should be in odd 1/8 wavelength multiples on 80m. How good is a G5RV and how do they work? Ham Radio Antennas. The black dots represent exact harmonics of the 3. Portable No Tune End Fed Half Wave Antenna 50 ohms 100mmx71mm DIY Kit / Finished. A 160 Meter Antenna Hybrid Design - This antenna looks like an inverted L antenna, yet it is not, it could also be viewed as a 160m off-center fed dipole antenna, it looks more like an end-fed 1/4 wave 160 meter antenna. This antenna has been a great performer - when and where you can set up the pole, get the angle on the V correct and keep other stuff out of its near field. An End Fed Half Wave Length Antenna is a variation of the much more common half wave length dipole antenna. The key to end fed antenna success is the matching network interface between the long wire antenna and the coax feed line and feed line choke at the transceiver. On that band it is an end fed half wave length antenna and the need for radials is minimal. The end fed half-wave antenna will necessarily have high voltages at its far end and its feedpoint – and the matching transformer must withstand every volt. For the past couple of weeks, I've been playing with end-fed wire antennas. W4THU claims the 20m EDZ will provide 4dB gain over a 1/2-wave dipole on 20m, performance similar to a dipole cut for 40m and 80m on those bands, and. At only half wave length above the ground, it will outperform any vertical antenna. There's been some antenna improvements through the years on my end. The end fed half-wave antenna will necessarily have high voltages at its far end and its feedpoint - and the matching transformer must withstand every volt. If you want an end fed for 160m that actually works well you would go with a full 1/2 wavelength of wire (about 250ft) fed with a transformer that has a very high impedance output to match the 1/2 wave end fed. , 4000 Ohms), this represents an SWR of 20:1. 160m HF band Surface Wave (Ground Wave) coverage under typical terrain conditions as stated in the article. From Help Tickets to Warranty Information We've Got You Covered!!! Customer Support. There will be a page dedicated to half-wave dipoles so I'll not go into detail here. All you need to do is correctly feed the antenna for 160 meters, and you can get on 160 with a reasonable signal depending on how careful you are in setting things up. EARC - END FED 6-40 Meter Multiband HF Antenna. Building an End Fed Antenna. The antenna is made of #14 plastic coated solid copper wire. Keep the 80 meter dipole well away from the 160 meter loop. I also realized that I'd added a quarter wave to the right half of the antenna, making the right-hand side 1/2 plus 1/4 wavelengths, or a total of 3/4 wavelengths long. The Antenna Tuner is a 1977 HeathKit HFT-9, a small QRP size tuner of the Cap-Coil-Cap double"L" design. It will be good for 15m, and 10m. Having tried both the 9:1 end fed design and the 49:1 End fed half wave I think the 49:1 EFHW mounted just above ground with properly placed chokes on the feedline is far superior. 160m Top Band End Fed Antenna -G3YEU Coil Details:- 5” (127mm) diameter using 16 SWG bare copper wire. 4 Square Antenna in theory and practice. You can even use a tuner to achieve a near perfect SWR on these bands, or an external tuner to match 160. Useful antenna for multi-band operation Lots of bands with no-tuner or tuner built-in rig Fed from one end sometimes more convenient Simple to deploy Horiz, Sloped, V or L Useful for limited space, RV, SOTA, FD Home-brewable. To make the best use of an End-Fed antenna, it should be fed with a transformer. It was modified for amateur radio use in the 1950's. If the 160m antenna appears to be too long, insert a series capacitor in the antenna lead between the boxes. The cross is the 80 meter coax trap. A 1/4 wave antenna, with a 1/4 wave counterpoise, is the same thing as a centre-fed 1/2 wave dipole. This is about the easiest way to build a 160m antenna. For example a 32 foot length is actually a half wave on 20m with an impedance of about 3500 ohms and requires a 50:1 balun. It is two half waves fed in series, the impedances of each end fed half wave adding at the feedpoint. Put a telescopic mast against a pole, hook the antenna to the top and slide it out. End-Fed Antenna By Alan Chester G3CCB yond. This becomes most severe with a 160M (250' long) dipole because it is so close to the ground relative to the wavelength. 5 ft and 186 ft / 33 ft The entire antenna is #12 stranded insulated copper. Below the result of a 30 minute daytime session on 40m in WSPR mode with 0. There are numerous configurations available online that will accomplish this on multiple bands (Google search "end fed half wave antennas"). For example, an OCFD or end-fed half-wave horizonal wire for 80m will have an overhead null in the pattern on the second harmonic on shorter paths: Figure 6. The first antenna I built was a kite antenna based on the design by Steph VK5ZVS. No ground plane or counterpoise is needed. The most common half-wave antenna is the center-fed dipole, whose impedance is approximately 72 ohms. VA3PEN Comments - Results are final. a-shortened-multi-band-end-fed-half-wave-efhw-antenna 3/17 Downloaded from web1. Some houses don't really lend themselves to installing a half-wave dipole. I have used this on both 20 and 40 meters with my Yaesu FT-817 with good results. When an antenna that is one half wave length long has RF energy applied to it at its resonant frequency a standing wave develops on it. Portable End-Fed / 80-6 Meters/Dipole Antenna/ 300 watts. AG6IF TALENTED BALUN for build HF Ham radio Sky Loop antenna, 160m 80m & 40-10 - $103. Product Details ; Type, Antenna ; MPN, HFEDZ-1060M ; To Fit, Half Wave HF Multiband Antenna ; Band, HF ; Compatible Brand, HFedz Antennas. For example, a monopole antenna such as a metal rod fed at one end, will be resonant when its electrical length is equal to a quarter wavelength, λ/4, of the frequency used. It's up to you to get it as high as possible. PDF The End Fed Half Wave Antenna. I also tried a 1/4 radial but it did not do much for my transmitted signal. Traps for 80 / 160 meter band Dipole or inverted V tuned as a pair. Antenna wire can be #14 hard-drawn antenna wire. After I had established my antennas for many of the HF bands; dipole for 80-40M and Hex beam for 20-10M, I turned my attention to 160 meters. 80/40Mtr Ground Mounted 1/4 wave Ground mounted vertical antenna notes Navara D22 Diesel - stopping engine RF noise on HF (29/6/14) Modifying a 27MHz CB Ringo antenna for 80-6Mtrs. The transformer should be 3 - 43 mix cores with 3 primary and 21 secondary windings (up to 30 depending on SWR). These antennas start with a half wave antenna on the lowest frequency, usually 160M, 80M or 40M and depend on resonance at the harmonics to work on multiples of the lowest frequency. The single band units use a bandpass filter arrangement to allow multi transmitter operation from the same location while providing excellent rejection of local medium wave transmitters. Cross Country Wireless produce a range of HF antenna matching units for end fed half wave (EFHW) antennas for portable and fixed station use. After much deliberating, I decided to go with an L-Match tuner and an End Fed Half Wave antenna, although it has morphed into something that is definitely end fed, but not exactly half wave. Page 1 of 16 MFJ Enterprises Inc Our Brands: Important Information. "What started out as an 8 band antenna now covers 11 bands. A good end-fed antenna Time Owned: more than 12 months. End Length For Fed Antenna Counterpoise. It was his site that helped me build my end-fed half wave for 10m, although the design can be modified for any of the HF bands. Unroll the wire making sure there are no kinks, loops or tangles. At first, most hams will ask, "Will it perform as well as a full 160m half wave dipole?" of course it will not, a full size 160m dipole requires a minimum of 260 feet. The excess rope can be used to attach the antenna end-insulators to the support structures. The radiator is 45 feet of genuine #14 black polyethylene coated Flex-Weave wire. 40m - 80m - 160m Short Dipole Antenna. First, let's assume you already have a 75 meter dipole up. It needs no tuner on 40m, 20m and 10m. 2 dB 163º Flat dipole @ 120-250 ft 7. In the diagram below, the black horizontal line represents a 2 wavelength end-fed aerial for 20 metres. That can be an EFHW but it is preferable that you . An inverted L shape is good, even vertical if you can but if you have no other choice get it off the ground if only a few. An 80-10 end-fed half-wave antenna can be a very good performing part of an HF station. Using the EFHW for 20m at GB0CMS 3. 6 Watt ERP using my trapped 80/40/20 HWEF. These single-band and multi-band antennas can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or as a sloper. For ALL ANTENNAS Enter operating frequency in mHz. That makes ignoring the antenna bandwidth and just feeding the system through a tuner a good option. Worlds Best Made 160 Meter Half Sloper End Fed Ham Radio Antenna 1KW SSB. Dualband Full-wave Loop Antenna for 80m-40m 34 58. As is common knowledge, a true End Fed Zepp is a half wave radiator and a quarter wave balanced feedline. 3:1) on 80m and 40m, and below 3:1 on 20, 15 and 10m. A 133ft long 80m version will do 80m through 10m plus. For an antenna from 160m up to 10m bands , the CMC shall be located about 4 meters from the 1:49 or 1:64 transformer. I have 2 elements on it which will tune up on 40m, 20m, and 15m without a COM_AN_TENA A HF 5 band vertical antenna 80/40/20/15/10m , made and designed in Australia this one Homebrew Vertical Antenna 80m and 160m by YC2YIZ. 160m Linear Loaded Sloper Antenna. The 160m Reduced Half Sloper loads 120khz below 2. 93 - Picnic Vertical Wire Antenna. The antenna wire is connected to the UnUn along with the earth connection and feeder coax. The end fed 1/2 wave antenna, much like the 43 foot vertical, has become a cult phenomena. Enter a length between 1 and 250 feet. and that was just for 80M and 160M). 99 (Inc VAT at 20%) Add To Cart View Details Wishlist. Antenna works without needing a tuner on 10M, 15M, 20M & 40M with SWR ≤ 2:1 Easy to build! Just wind the toroid, solder 3 joints, connect the wire, and you are on the air. Excited by a nearby 160m antenna, these 80/40 antennas' radiating wires and . Unun 1:64 - 1:49 Variable For End Fed Half-Wave (EFHW) antenna 100+W. But be warned - end-fed antennas can be noisier and also cause more EMC/interference problems. 90 MHz: This antenna is tuned by the following procedure: 1) Put up the entire length of wire and the 4:1 balun and resonate it to the upper end of 80 meters by lengthening or shortening it. Generally, it is known to be the one with the simplest resonance structure in antennas for the transmission and receptions applications. EF-40-10-KW operates on four bands. The Cobwebb is an antenna that has gained in popularity in recent years. com on April 29, 2022 by guest this author, thereby introducing a completely new "Unified Broad-Banding Method". Its' feed-point affects its impedance. 9) LNR Precision EndFedz EF-80: 6: 2016-03-10: 125. Low angle is dominant on all bands expect 10 MHz, where the antenna is working as a end fed dipole. But the perfor-mance of an end-fed antenna is also very dependent on height above ground. 9-inch diameter, featuring just 0. An inverted L shape is good, even vertical if you can but if you have no other choice get it off the ground if only a few meters high. Harvest Taurus 160M-6M Multi-Band Long Wire Dipole Antenna - inc WARC Bands. Distance from center of antenna to the center of the coil in feet (Must be less than half the total antenna length given above). this wire antenna is trapped for 160m/80m & 40M. You can even use a tuner to achieve a near perfect SWR. This pair will team up nicely to get you want you need for 80 meter NVIS in addition to DX capabilities. End Fed Half Wave Antenna, All-Band kW, 80 - 10 m, 1 kW SSB/CW, 250W AM/Digital 132 feet 8 inches Length, Stainless Steel Hardware, Each. 9:1 UnUn End Fed Long Wire Lengths. Losses at the DX end of the band are under half a dB. For best results raise the Bullet matching unit as high as possible (use a tree or vertical support) and then extend the antenna wire horizontally or as an “L” (horizontal with vertical end drop). RaDAR: Measuring End Fed Half Wave and Dipole Currents. This online calculator tells you how the amout of inductance your loading coil will need to have. A height of 120 feet or more is required for long haul work. EARC END FED 6-40 Meter Multiband HF Antenna. This is an End-Fed Half-Wave (EFHW*) antenna for 80/40/30/20/17/15/12 and 10m bands. The magic lengths to use with the End Fed longwire is 29, 35. End-fed, half-wave antennas (EFHWs) are a half-wavelength long and are resonant. 75 MHz where the number of radials is varied from 4 to 64 and radial height varies from. A "counterpoise" in the form of an attached coaxial cable shield, a short wire, or even by stray capacitance, is employed. com: EFH160 END FED Half Wave Antenna, 160M. Currently am using a droopy dipole cut for 3910, feed point at about 39′ and ends at about 15′ above ground. 9:1 (Quarter wave if bypass UNUN!) 80m 1. But its performance depends heavily on a well-designed and carefully constructed 49:1 unun, which matches the long wire impedance to within tuning range of operation. It is designed as a highly portable wire antenna, easily set up as an inverted V, horizontal, sloper, or in the case of higher frequencies, a vertical radiator. They are more prone for problems near noise sources or consumer gear, and can easily exceed FCC RF exposure limits with surprising low power levels. There are two main benefits in using an end fed half wave antenna over a co-ax fed half wave dipole. 5MHz) therefore also resonant on second, third, and fourth harmonics. References: Antenna Toolkit - J. More coax is good in this case because its more antenna to radiate. CHA250b multiband vertical antenna; Dipole/inverted V antenna; Delta loop antenna; End fed half wave antenna; End fed random wire antenna; User Manuals; Radio Interfaces. The impedance of a end fed wire can be anywhere from a few 10s of Ohms to a few thousand Ohms, depending on the frequency in use and the length of the wire. If the feed point is closer to the ground, a counterpoise may be needed. 5 turn per 25mm) Number of turns depends on the length of the antenna. Consider an implementation of unsorted singly linked list. With the tuner in my xiegu x5105 I can also use it on 30, 17, 12 and 6 meters. Here are some of Kevin's observations: "I put up a 160 meter end fed half wave antenna to get a feel for how it behaves, gathering more data and experience before the big spiral delta thingy build in a month. The Par End-Fedz are a full length half wave dipoles, but with an important difference. HFedz 160m/80m/40m End Fed Half Wave (49:1 EFHW) HF HAM Radio Antenna. End Fed Antenna Choices Recap End Fed Zepp uses ladder line for matching to coax End Fed Half Wave – even harmonics, requires special high impedance matching unit, high voltage at feed point Non-resonant end fed is shorter, uses simple matching, low voltage feed point, works many bands with shorter length,. I've liked EFHW (End-Fed Half Wave) antennas for portable ops and so I immediately thought of a vertical EFHW for 160m - that's a lot of line! The guy lines take the strain of the kite line while the hiking pole holds the reel clear of the ground. I will start with probably the simplest antenna you could think of. Half wave Dipole (Antennas 9, 10, 11 and 12) – Fantasy Antenna Many strong stations on topband employ a horizontal or inverted ‘V’ halfwave dipole.