tommy shelby tumblr. // i follow, like, and reply from @amirahiddleston. In doing so, he turned his head in thought and a little noise of awe left the youngest Shelby. Summary: you have always loved tommy, and tommy has always loved you - sometimes love just needs a little push. Summary: Between a five month old baby and a husband that's constantly working, (Y/N) can't remember the last time that she got a decent night's sleep. Summary: Y/n finds John’s stash of sweats and eats them all. She gets kidnapped due to Tommy…. But then she sees your not-so-subtle glances at her brother whenever you come around. Tommy’s business associates usually turn into idiots in the presence of a woman so the pair of you use it to your advantage. -He likes when you recommend him books. Discover more posts about Tommy+Shelby+daughter. Characters Created By: Steven Knight Characters: Thomas "Tommy" Shelby Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shelby (née Stark) Actors: Cillian Murphy. mixnmatchaesthetic reblogged this from jawabear. Having expressed your worry to Tommy, about being at the flat. Another One (Tommy Shelby x female!reader) Tommy finds his youngest child keeping you company while you’re on bed-rest and they have …. He suggested you go to the house instead. Some are about fics, some are about the novels I am currently daydreaming about writing. Tomas Shelby asked once Finn had gone. [present day of being 21 yrs old w/the Shelby’s] You grew up with closer with Finn and Isaiah; Tommy being your father- you had big dick energy; Man you where fine as hell too because there wasn’t a day you didn’t screw some pretty girl that walked down the street; You cared for your siblings ; But you hated both the women Tommy …. She gets kidnapped due to Tommy's business dealings. " He turned to the door and you unwittingly squeezed your thighs. Pairing: Arthur Shelby x reader, dark!Thomas Shelby x reader (unrequited) Warnings: dark, mentions of addition, forced marriage. It's just a blog of trash really. Because of John, because of the vendetta, because his family truly hasn’t come back together even though they’re all living in Small Heath. “S’what it looked like,” Tommy …. At first you were just a pretty face, a girl he thought he'd try his luck with for some nocturnal company. Nothing mattered when it came to Grace. Look at you, strolling through London on the arm of Tommy Shelby…. ‘Safe and Sound’ part II ( Tommy Shelby x OC ) SUMMARY: Freya Oliver is a gifted teacher and pianist, cousin to a loyal blinder of the infamous Shelby family. chelseafc Congratulations on your new addition to the family yourinstagram and benchilwell !! The …. *** One Sunday afternoon, you wheedle Tommy's reluctant self into playing the piano. tommy, who already went through the five stages of grief SEVERAL times since 7 am: the funny fat squirrel he saw getting stuck in a trash can at the park …. + Tommy gets jealous when you flirt with Alfie {Smut} - Requested by: Anon - Tommy Shelby x Reader - Summary: Tommy is more then jealous after a quick interaction between you and Alfie becomes flirtatious. Tommy is a little whiney bitch …. Running into a Shelby ☘︎︎ bumping into him at the Garrison and he MAKES SURE YOURE OK. In Frank’s own words, the only way the two gangs could ever consider each other kin would be after Tommy had married you. Can i request one, tommy shelby x daughter!reader,where the reader gets tease for her height a lot but doesn't wanna tell her dad,until Isaiah saw her crying so he got concern and told tommy about it,tommy …. dont worry im a bad women mr shelby. #tommy+shelby · Follow · New post. Quiet transcends throughout the house as your son. tommy stan before he went extra crazy!!!! 5. Take Care of Yourself -is what Tommy would like to say to you. Tags: tommy shelby cillian murphy peaky blinders cillian murphy eyes my screenshots season 6 finale. “Look,” Arthur said at his brother’s sigh, only now raising his eyes to meet Tommy…. Request: I adored your Thomas Shelby headcanons! And if you’re not busy, could you do Thomas headcanons of his s/o being a nurse and patching him up? Originally posted by infeccious-smile. Anonymous asked: Hey! I was wondering if you would do a comfort fix with tommy Shelby, where the reader gets kidnapped and beaten to. Originally posted by actors-the-best ⤠ MASTERLIST⤟ Anon requested/summary: Can you write one about tommy and reader breaking up, then months later tommy sees her with people he doesn't approve, of drinking ( drugs eg if your comfortable) so he try's to get her back?Maybe with younger reader Warnings: Younger reader (20-25 yrs old), anxiety, maybe. That is how Tommy Shelby ends up in her life and her in. It was a combination of things, really. peaky blinders thomas shelby cillian murphy tommy shelby shelby peaky fookin blinders peakyxtommy peaky fucking blinders ruby shelby lizzie shelby season 6. The less people in his life the better. His wife has a near death experience or nearly gets killed or something like that and it makes Tommy sooooo overprotective, paranoid and possessive. “A boy with my eyes and a boy with your heart,” Tommy pointed his finger at your chest. He’s been through it, he’s done this to May. that’ll be the bloody day — Arthur. Because of John, because of the vendetta, because his family truly hasn't come back together even though they're all living in Small Heath. Originally posted by enisteyjia. “Why don’t you finish…?” “Oh, I plan to. 1k Warnings: angst all the angst, lots of hurt/comfort, descriptions of illness (pneumonia), fainting, hallucinations, sad tommy …. Pairing: Tommy Shelby x OC Summary: Tommy decides to invite Celia with him to the park, where she finally learns a bit more about him. Photo of Tommy Shelby * for fans of Cillian Murphy 40327141. thought i'd come back with some angst because why the heck not?? literally not posted on this website in donkeys years so bare we me!! please give me feedback and what not xo. You nodded at him, "I'm fine, Tom. - Tommy Shelby x Reader - Summary: You move away from Alfie’s territory and unfortunately for you, land right on Tommy’s turf,. The whole thing seems ridiculous to even attempt to voice, but this might be my only chance and, if it all goes wrong, I'm leaving anyway; never to show my face in Small Heath or to Tommy Shelby again. i'd like it to be with angst and sexual tension. Lizzie Shelby Stark in Series 6 of Peaky Blinders. There was an uncommonly warm feeling that had settled into his chest, one that left him wondering if Arthur had slipped some whiskey into his tea; it wouldn’t be the first time. Originally posted by fockingshelby. The Reader gets pregnant after five years and they're all so happy until the baby is stillborn. You could feel an imaginary crack split your heart in two. It seemed Tommy wasn’t to return to the dining room as his wife sat waiting for his return, an empty plate in front of her. Summary: “That ain’t make up she’s got on, it’s war paint. Request: adopting a dog with tommy 梁懶 Requested by Anonymous. “Who were you speaking to?” he asked, seating himself next to you. Tommy grinned as Harry set the champagne that had been set aside ready to wet the baby’s head. “I really appreciate this Mr Shel-”. You’d missed out on a lot whilst you’d been away – Tommy having a child, John having a child, Arthur getting married and you’d decided that, despite missing nearly every other big event in your family’s lives, you weren’t about to miss Tommy Shelby …. My good friend surprised me with a portrait of my OC, Anna, and created this mood board for the fic! I am so in love, and wanted to share it with you all. ” Tommy muttered, his lips curing into a rare smile. Each visit helps him to cope, but the last saves his life. Story Summary: Tommy is not a believer in fate or destiny. There he was, Tommy Fucking Shelby, in all his glory. peaky blinders imagines : ( @bonniebirdsgifcentre ) It wasn’t often Tommy It wasn’t often Tommy Shelby was nervous. Tommy Shelby, Arthur Shelby and John Shelby (BBC Peaky Blinders) - Credit if using. #fic rec #tommy shelby #peaky blinders #tommy shelby x reader #peaky blinders moodboard #tommy shelby x wife #tommy shelby x oc #mutuals #friends #peaky blinders aesthetic #tommy shelby moodboard #tommy shelby aesthetic #shelby moodboard #shelby aesthetic #1920s aesthetic More you might like. “KINDRED”,3 - Tommy Shelby x Reader. Words spilt from his lips, making your heart beat rapidly, feeling the desire spreading through him. Originally posted by bonniebird. Removable, kiss-cut vinyl stickers. and i can feel the boat tipping. tommy shelby fluff tommy shelby angst tommy shelby smut tommy shelby x reader tommy shelby thomas shelby angst thomas shelby smut thomas shelby imagine thomas shelby x reader thomas shelby t. 48 { Tommy Shelby aesthetic } ideas. request from @lilywinchesterlove: Hi! I really like your stories and I may have a request for you. Discover more posts about Tommy Shelby-fanfic. This is a side tumblr for all my cliche romantic junk. Obey : Family meetings, they’re a big thing around the Shelbys…They happen quite often and they can be messy. Home Again- After going missing as a small child, the youngest Shelby comes home. One Mans Wife - Tommy Shelby Imagine 1/? The atmosphere in the room was as stale as the fog that surrounded you. A man who viewed love as a band-aid to fix the loneliness that ate away at his mind. Peaky Blinders Sad - 16 images - the company peaky blinders s04e06 tvmaze, peaky blinders a conversation with death youtube, pin by toni cascio on vos mentions j aime sur pinterest, arthur shelby jr tumblr,. Noo hate to grace I didn’t hate her character. Summary: Tommy makes all big decisions with a coin, this one can’t be different. Your friends and family warned you about Thomas Shelby…. Peaky Blinders Tommy Shelby Tumblr is a place to express …. It‘s just a shame that Tommy …. You can find all of this work on my Tumblr as mentioned, under the name @shelby …. Warnings: Swearing, romance, fluff. #grace burgess #peaky blinders #Tommy Shelby …. Your newest tumblr blog for gifs and edits of the BBC/Netflix series. It didn’t matter that she was undercover. Peaky Blinders is my ultimate favourite! {The devil doesn't come to you with his red face and horns, he comes …. You’d known Tommy your whole life, with him being a fair few years older. Girl Worth Fighting For- Tommy Shelby/ Michael Gray (Lovely gif by @bonniebird, bless her soul) Request// Can you do a PB imagine where Tommy …. from france, with love; tommy shelby ( @bonniebirdsgifcentre) You had known Ada, and so by extension known Tommy, for the better part of fourteen years. Your hands snake around his neck and you cancel all piano lessons for the day, and the night. He murmurs, his eyes locked into yours. “Yours and his,” you pointed out. Warnings: SMUT 18+ A/N: Am I back from hiatus? Who knows…But I am a Tommy Shelby …. Tagged: peaky blinders, tommy shelby, alfie solomons, tommy x alfie, im convinced given another minute of this he would've been on his knees, especially …. The woman who walked you in was new, someone you hadn’t seen before. Pushing herself away from the table, Y/n left the room in search of her husband. You were running around the school yard the first time he saw you. Cillian Murphy Club Join New Post. "I really appreciate this Mr Shel-". “I know this must be a hard time for her. I’m used to poetry (I know it …. What really makes a family After a. I mostly post on AO3 (my username is firstfrost, I would add a link but I have noticed that Tumblr …. Finally, your warm palm fell into his, the diamond-cut engagement ring reflecting its gleam on your beaming features. But (Y/N)'s there to help him through it…and, of course, clean him up when he comes home after having been in a fight. “Hiii! Could you do a Tommy imagine we’re you have a family and you’ve been really busy and stressed out taking care of everyone whilst he is working away and you have an argument before he leaves but he makes up for it when he returns (angst/smut) thank you!”. A Respectable Neighbourhood — Easy. “Tommy–“ He slowly, very slowly put his fingers into his mouth, licking every bit of your slick, groaning at the taste like a lion that’s about to feast. Mother of mine- A flashback to the Shelby’s mother, from her wedding to her death and time with her children. I made some changes to Tommy and Grace’s relationship for the sake of the fic. Summary: Tommy knew there was something different about his wife, he just knew it, but she insisted there wasn’t. Tommy ensures you have a space dedicated to fostering your writing. The man of the hour sat at his desk. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. In Frank's own words, the only way the two gangs could ever consider each other kin would be after Tommy had married you. Images and information on this blog are copyright to their respectful owners. He would have a builder come out so one of the many rooms of Arrow House could be turned into a study. Discover more posts about lizzie stark, peaky blinders, lizzie shelby, arthur shelby, . Summary: Tommy gets visited by the love of his life on multiple occasions. He froze, hand hovering over the gun he kept at his side at all times. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Archive; hello! im ashlyn; I have been an intermittent user of tumblr …. This is the French version of the …. Tommy waves in the maid that’s hovering by the door with a tray of tea and she sets in on the desk. Waiting Tommy Shelby x reader “A/N: this was a request about Grace coming in between Tommy and the reader. #peaky blinders #tommy shelby #x reader #peaky blinder imagine #john shelby #arthur shelby #masterlist #Micheal gray #isaiah jesus x reader #finn shelby #bonnie gold #prompt list #open requests More you might like. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. by order of the peaky blinders. “I’ve known for a while but I’ve just refused to admit it, didn’t want to lose you, don’t know how to live with you. Summary: You have fought for this love far too long, and you weren't willing to let anyone take it away. Finn had legged it to the house to tell me what was. request by anon: “Can you do an imagine based upon the prompts 17 14 and 6 with tommy Shelby please ? x„ Prompts: 6: …. Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, Guns, Tommy & Reader being bitches Originally posted by chloedecks. She was everywhere, on everyone’s mouth; the perfect Irish girl who got a rich gangster and the whole bloody town of …. Originally posted by imperator-ylwa-blog. Imagine: Tommy Shelby chasing after Ada's seamstress friend and ruining all your dates. "I want to keep the baby Tommy and I won't get an abortion. Warnings: Cheating, pregnancy, headcanon death, murder, Tommy and Grace are painted in a very bad light here, reader is unhinged AF. Tommy Shelby and Pianist reader. “Y/N, listen,” Tommy cleared his throat and sat down, “Maybe it’s time we talk. Peaky Blinders tag list: @stylesofloki Thomas Shelby …. “We should get a dog,” you asked one day, lounging on the sofa in his office while you waited for him to finish up with some paperwork. After a few years of a rather cold marriage, you took Charlie and your daughter to your family in America when Tommy…. #peaky blinders #peakyblindersedit #thomas shelby #tommy shelby …. 500x300 thomas shelby Tumblr…. Pairing: Tommy Shelby / fem!reader (3rd POV). Summary: Tommy finds out about the little creature Y/n’s been hiding. 8K Request: @diorrfairy hi! i'd like to ask a one shot on tommy shelby in which y/n is a girl in her early twenties who's italian but works for him as a spy for the italian mafia. He pointed a finger at you and lit another cigarette. A part of her feels as if she might be going mad; Tommy …. (angst with a happy ending, i promise) Word count: 4. Portrait of Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. “Sometimes I can feel your touch, even when you’re not even here. ruby being the one who saved tommy …. ” tommy shelby thomas shelby tommy shelby imagine thomas shelby imagine peaky blinders peaky blinders imagine fluff tommy shelby x reader. 500x271 Cillian Murphy images Tommy Shelby wallpaper and clothing, human face, indoor, man, person, portrait, smile, suit, tie, wearing. Heart-Broken- The Shelby's sister experiences her first heartbreak. Better Love - Tommy teaches you to ride a horse. Living with Ada, she believes her life is only getting better, the sun shining brighter. She gets kidnapped due to Tommy’s business dealings. ( @bonniebirdsgifcentre ) Unenviably, you had become fairly used to seeing your husband wrapped in some form of bandaging. See a recent post on Tumblr from @bonniebirddoesgifs about Thomas Shelby. Tommy protects / comforts reader. You: Perhaps you haven’t been studying hard enough. TWENTY FIVE TWENTY ONE (2022) Apr 6th, 2022 750 notes. This story is very impromptu, I just wrote it to complement the moodboard. #tommy shelby x reader #tommy shelby #peaky blinder imagine #john shelby #arthur shelby #fanfiction #fanfic #oneshot #Peaky Blinders #peaky blinder fanfic #john shelby x reader #part 2 #arthur shelby x reader #finn shelby #finn shelby x reader More you might like. Tommy Shelby x Reader - Season 1. See more posts like this on Tumblr. A/N: This gif literally breaks my heart…He looks so broken…you can see it in his bloodshot eyes. Discover more posts about thomas shelby, peaky blinders, lizzie shelby, bbc peaky blinders, arthur shelby, ruby shelby, and tommy shelby. Peaky Blinders Peaky Blinders season 2 Tommy Shelby …. A moment later you felt a sudden warmth, and looked up to see Tommy draping his coat around your shoulders. She also gets to meet another member of the Shelby family. Her protective cousin offers a hand by the help of his gang leader, Thomas Shelby…. “Tommy? When did you get home?”. Thomas Shelby had a deal to make, and you wanted to be a part of it. Tommy Shelby Unique opportunity When Tommy gives you unexpected news, your pride and ambition overcomes your common sense. Discover more posts about tommy-Shelby-x-reader. You had to remind yourself not to stare, so tore your eyes from his profile and put them to the paving beneath your feet. Her protective cousin offers a hand by the help of his gang leader, Thomas Shelby, when an ex of hers becomes obsessive. #peaky blinders #thomas shelby #tommy shelby x reader #tommy shelby #imagine #peaky blinders imagine …. thomas shelby imagine thomas shelby x reader thomas shelby x oc thomas shelby in another world tommy shelby imagine tommy shelby x oc tommy shelby x reader thomas shelby …. If you don’t agree then we’ll have to break up. Request: adopting a dog with tommy 梁懶 Requested by Anonymous. “Tommy Shelby; journey of emotions ” 2 years ago on April 12, 2020 at 3:34 pm. A/n: The amount of requests I got asking for Tommy as a father is amazing. But what happens when Y/N doesn’t agree with Thomas Shelby …. Unhealed Love - Part Two; Tommy Shelby x Reader - Masterlist Read previous parts: 1 -. Ineffable: adjective; [In-ef-a-bel] beyond expression in words, unspoken. warning: 18+, smut, sorta explicit, fingering, oral (female receiving) summary: a nice pleasant morning at Ethan’s place, he …. Running you hands down his chest, you groaned at the mental mind game he was playing. #peakyblindersedit #peaky blinders #tommy shelby …. where his tenderness resides | thomas shelby. You shook your head, getting up and walking to his side of the desk, sitting yourself down on his lap. Summary: Reader’s thoughts about the encounter, more problems start to appear, and …. jealous tommy makes me happy, also John and Arthur meeting Michael is one of my favourite scenes. this is so beautiful omg twenty five twenty one kdramas. Walking into your bedroom, Tommy shut the door behind himself and grabbed your hand, pulling you close. Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Mild Violence. "Why don't you finish…?" "Oh, I plan to. ” – He was awestruck when he saw you. #peaky blinders #peakyblindersedit #bbelcher #thomas shelby #tommy shelby …. Arthur said, his gaze only daring to meet Tommy’s knees. what’s mine is yours; tommy shelby. Drabble - “Finn says it gets better. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna See more posts like this on Tumblr. Request// Hey could i please request a tommy shelby imagine where it's at the end of season 3 where his wife also got arrested. Originally posted by actors-the-best ⤠ MASTERLIST⤟ Anon requested/summary: Can you write one about tommy and reader breaking up, then months later tommy …. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. At first, Tommy distrusts the newly hired barmaid but soon finds himself. Summary: Tommy Shelby and his wife are going to have their first baby in a week. There's several pages of cool things to check out. Tommy stood at the bottom of the small hill for a few seconds, watching the way your shoulders shook. Just so much angst and Tommy …. Kaz Brekker (grishaverse) and Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders have the exact same vibe. Welcome to the gif library. Tommy ran his hands over his face, " I wouldn't force you to do anything you don't want to do. "Tommy," he interrupts, blowing out the smoke from his cigarette slow. Summary: You casually tell Tommy you’ve been aching for his love before you two have to leave the house. She had persevered in school long beyond her three older brothers, far more cognizant than them to the importance of a good education. A/n: I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA lately, work and life have been crazy lately and I haven’t had a …. Sweet inconvenience You thought nothing good could come from sharing your train compartment with a stranger, you were wrong. So, he decided to go to Polly as he had a hunch his wife was pregnant. Obey : Family meetings, they’re a big thing around the Shelbys… They happen quite often and they can be messy. A soft tug of his coat brought Tommy out of his thoughts. Kidnapped - Thomas Shelby x Fem!Reader. (Requested By: @babylooneytoonz ) WC: 3. Can I request a tommy x curvy. We identified it from well-behaved source. It had been a quiet night in the Garrison, celebrating the boys success in London, until now. (smut warning) From the minute you entered the Shelby betting shop, you knew that the working day was going to drag, and arguments would happen – mostly between you and Tommy…. Warnings: Slight nudity, but other than that it's as tame as it comes. "KINDRED",3 - Tommy Shelby x Reader. Sure tommy acted the same around you as he did with well everyone, but his his tone always softened and his eyes didn’t look so cold. If you’re interested in being a member, apply to join us! reblog gifs s1 1x4 Tommy Shelby …. Leaning against the stairs railway, Y/n raised a brow as she watched Tommy slip on his winter coat. No one could stop Thomas’ screams, not even God could. “You don’t love me anymore, Tommy,” you mumbled, eyes set on his body as he continued to act busy. Love, Shelby : retromafia: TOMMY SHELBY — PEAKY BLINDERS. Peaky Blinders Peaky Blinders season 2 Tommy Shelby Cillian Murphy Heavy is the head that wears the crown Queued. I require more coffee than the average person and come up with more ideas than I can actually write. Tommy lays me gently on the couch and sits in the chair opposite. Your father wanted the great Thomas Shelby as his son in law, or nothing. Heart-Broken- The Shelby’s sister experiences her first heartbreak. Prolog contains: Rape, abuse, suicidal thoughts and more alike. Tommy really looked at you, in your eyes and it made it harder for you to keep up the act. Summary: You and Tommy have history… a long one but to cut the story short he pushed you away, shut you out of his life without giving you a chance to try another path… a path together, but you felt so angry at him that you didn’t want to try it either. Polly: Thomas, the weather warning says don’t go out today! Tommy, downing whisky, putting on his coat: I was at the Somme, Pol. “head’s like a fucking boat, tommy. You dropped the spoon and came over to him. Her version of each story can be found here. 🔥 Because she stopped his heart from breaking. When you applied for the opening position as a teacher, you knew exactly who’s child you would be teaching. The fabric springs away and the next thing you know your lips are around his cock and Tommy …. He's willing to play any game as he knows he will be the one to come out on top. ” It took her a moment to answer, a moment that Tommy used to glare at the man in front of them. #Peaky Blinders #Tommy Shelby #Tommy Shelby x Reader #Masterlist #Tommy Shelby Masterlist More you might like. Being Tommy’s younger sister around Grace would include: A continuation of this post. The room is remodeled and furnished to your liking. The night she left Birmingham, was the night Tommy Shelby forgave all her sins. summary: spending the morning with tommy in the garden and the kids, prompting you to wonder about wanting more children. The Shelby boys drank and cheered, each one congratulating Tommy and waiting for Esme to come and fetch him. The gang leader Tommy Shelby, the man known for his cold stoic exterior always seemed to trip on his words around you. Finn had legged it to the house to tell me what was happening and we were on our way back to the Garrison now. The night before- It’s the night before Tommy’s daughters wedding and everyone is anxious. peakyblinders tommyshelby tommy shelby imagines tommy shelby …. peaky blinders cillian murphy tommy shelby series 6 arthur shelby sam claflin oswald mosley. She offers me a cup but just the thought of milk makes me heave a little and Tommy catches me covering my mouth. Alfie: I’ve been learning a lot ‘bout the Shelby’s but I didn’t know you were one. Rather use the mobile app? Open · Get it on Google Play. It’s like my mind needs your presence so much it …. When he’s not starring in Oscar-bound Christopher Nolan films, Cillian Murphy …. Drawn with my Wacom and Corel Painter 17. He placed it down on the desk next to him with an audible clunk. peaky blinders series 6 cillian murphy tommy shelby natasha o'keefe lizzie shelby. peaky blinders imagines : what's mine is yours; tommy shelby. Warnings: drinking, drug use, death, suicidal ideations, angst. Masterlist; Tommy Shelby X Reader. Saving Each Other (Part Six) Pairing: Thomas Shelby x Raeder Words: 1689 Warning: Loads of Fluff, Angst After talking to Tommy and handing . ” “I do love you,” Tommy finally said as he stared down at his desk, parts of his hair flopping onto his. " You smirked and watched Tommy …. Tommy knew he should have put a stop to everything the moment your father brought the matter into the table. Calvin Klein was founded in 1968 and started selling its underwear collection in the early 1980s, which you'll note puts Tommy…. Tommy Shelby is a lot of things, and a dedicated husband is at the top of the list. 1 year ago on May 30, 2020 at 7:45 pm. So she's thrilled when Tommy offers to help her one night. Summary: Tommy’s hit rock bottom. Tommy Shelby x sister reader / one-shot / requested / hurt and comfort, trauma, angst, fluff. #peaky blinders #peakyblindersedit #bbelcher #thomas shelby #tommy shelby #cillian murphy #cmurphyedit #smilecapsules #tomhardey #mygifs #ughhh this set was a nightmare to color #im also planning to do the other seasons. “Of course, the reason for the first Shelby family meeting in ages is that we’re all going to be dead soon. He came home from the war with a makeshift wrapping made out of a torn shirt wrapped around his left arm, where he had been shot. In which (Y/N) decides to give her cheating boyfriend a taste of his own medicine, and Tommy agrees to help out. Her Tommy - Tommy has a new girlfriend, and jealousy is hitting you hard. Cillian Murphy as Thomas “Tommy” Shelby. Not that you spent a lot of time at Tommy Shelby’s office. I don’t know what to do with that information, just thought I’ll share. Not if Thomas Shelby had his way. He chanced a glance towards the large selection of alcohol behind the bar of the Garrison and pondered if. Originally posted by nastylucifer Warning!!! This prolog contains a lot of sensitive subjects and if you are easly triggered by traumer please don't read this and go directly to my summary in the end of this post. I hope you don’t mind but I changed it from Kimber to a random gangster as I just couldn’t get Kimber’s. But in a small town, hell is big. tommy shelby cillian murphy peaky blinders aesthetic. Summary: When Tommy can’t choose between Y/n or Grace, Y/n decides for him, leaving him for London to raise her unborn child somewhere they’ll be loved. You'd known Tommy your whole life, with him being a fair few years older. War- The youngest Shelby sister is enlisted to war. #thomas shelby #tommy shelby …. I loved the idea of Tommy with a siren/mermaid Reader but I went with a different plot, I’m really sorry for that! 🙈 The idea just gave me huge dark vibes when I thought of Tommy…. Summary: Thomas Shelby is a man who always gets what he wants, so why should you be any different? Only thing is, you’ve fallen for a different brother. “His heart is much kinder than mine,” you smiled and Tommy …. Frases que Tommy shelby Nunca dijo. And I love that a couple more of my requests involve Tommy …. He’s willing to play any game as he knows he will be the one to …. Summary: The war with the Lee family puts Y/N in danger when she is left watching the betting shop. Pairing: Tommy Shelby x ghost!reader. Whatever you decide to do is your choice. Originally posted by ejdorable. oh, this shelby love pairing: tommy shelby x reader warnings: mentions of cheating, swearing summary: you find out about tommy and lizzie . Annihilation of Our Lies // Tommy Shelby. #peaky blinders #look one of my favourite things in the show is the family aspect #and it was completely butchered in season 6 #when they should have mended the shelby family to be stronger than ever as the show came to a close #but nope #Steven knight should have gotten my thoughts #i will explain my opinion in full in the morning I’m tired. “Y/n Shelby, what the fuck is that?”. It’s become increasingly obvious that Tommy Shelby can’t get out of the Peaky saga alive. Discover more posts about tommy shelby imagine, thomas shelby x reader, tommy shelby x you, peaky blinder imagine, tommy shelby fanfic, peaky blinder fanfic, and tommy shelby …. Pairing: Tommy Shelby x reader. murphycilian reblogged this from thomasshelbyltd. “Mister Moon,” you told him with a small smile in his direction, tugging his coat tighter around you. She originally wants to kill him, but feelings arise and she wants to become human. Warnings: Cheating, pregnancy, headcanon death, murder, Tommy …. But like everything in life, that must come to an end. Would you write a Tommy Shelby imagine where he's in love with Ada's best friend from childhood who's an honorary Shelby, so Polly calls her to deal with Tommy …. You stated and walked over to the chair situated opposite Tommy's, your heels echoing off the floorboards. Warnings: langauge, violence (typical to series), familial arguing, attempted sexual assault, death of minor character, murder, weapons Word Count: 3170 A/N: I wasn't quite sure if the two. Thomas Shelby Quotes Tumblr, Wallpaper Peaky Blinders Thomas Shelby Tv Series 4k, Pin By Sophie Holmes On Lockscreen Peaky Blinders Poster, List 30 Best Tommy Shelby …. Girl Worth Fighting For- Tommy Shelby/ Michael Gray (Lovely gif by @bonniebird, bless her soul) Request// Can you do a PB imagine where Tommy and Michael fight for your affection. “See, you can’t even stand the thought of a cup of tea! We’re staying here. " That was a lie and the both of you knew it. Proofing Water - featuring a drunk Tommy. A Cold Lament — a tommy shelby fanfiction. Its submitted by management in the best field. You’d been thinking about dropping out for a while. Peaky Blinders Cillian Murphy Netflix Bbc Tumblr Icon Thomas Shelby. Enjoy darlings! smut = ** Under no circumstances can …. The Shelby boys had all had too much to drink and what had started as playful teasing, progressed to arm wrestling and now all three of them were screaming at each other and throwing punches. favourite colour: light blue currently reading: the decagon house murders by yukito ayatsuji last …. Cillian Murphy, black and white. He’s a determined, rebellious man who’s always on time …. This story is for: @ladyloggy Request: Could you do A1 and F7 for Tommy Shelby …. Welcome to Forever Mine, a microblog dedicated to characters, Tommy & Lizzie Shelby from the TV series Peaky Blinders. It was 10pm when you eventually left the hospital, Polly and Tommy in tow. " Tommy stated, still inspecting the papers in front of him. The little girl scoots herself off the couch and Tommy …. peaky blinders season 6 anthony byrne instagram tommy shelby cillian murphy x. It feels almost indecent; Tommy being this close, his fingers glancing my face as he cleans the blood from me, but I can’t tell him to stop. 348 notes theshelbyclan thesoldiersminute …. #tommy shelby x reader #Tommy Shelby X Wife #Tommy Shelby #Thomas Shelby #Tommy Shelby request #Peaky blinders #Peaky blinders request #Peaky blinders fic More you might like. You were still in the evening dress that you’d been wearing hours before, which broke Tommy…. He asked you, raising an eyebrow. side note: this was just an idea that popped into my head, so i ran with it, ahaha "Ava, Theo, please wash your hands before touching any food in the kitchen!". i am so weak for himmm 😳🥵 873 notes Apr 10th, 2022 Open in …. Title: Jealousy Fandom: Peaky Blinders Pairing: Thomas Shelby x Reader Warnings: Swearing (as always) and my bad writing. Pairing: Tommy Shelby x Fem!Reader. Thomas Shelby never made himself easy to get along with. "Charlie, run get the nurse, we'll be in the drawing room. Or at least, that he would admit to wanting one. Tommy and Alfie both direct their attention straight to her. Suit Tommy Peaky Blinders. Tommy with animals and babies is always my weakness. ” He turned to the door and you unwittingly squeezed your thighs. Tommy Shelby taking care of the last loose ends. The door shut behind you as you stepped into the office. He raised an eyebrow, “You asked for a kiss, love. Summary: You have fought for this love far too long, and you weren’t willing to let anyone take it away. But (Y/N)’s there to help him through it…and, of course, clean him up when he comes home after having been in a fight. You can make a happy end, but I think a realistic and sad end will be cooler Summary: Polly finally lets slip what the real Shelby curse is and as the. Tagged: #peakyblindersedit #cmurphyedit #perioddramaedit #bbelcher #userstream #userrobin #filmtv #peaky blinders #tommy shelby …. Warnings: cursing; implied sex; English is not my first language. Liability pairing: shelby reader, mostly tommy x. In all honesty, you would love to be left alone. With it, he's finally able to come to the reckoning that she's gone. #peaky blinders x reader #tommy shelby x reader #fluff #angst #reassurance #thomas shelby #michael gray #PeakyBlinders #Peaky Blinders #Tommy Shelby #John Shelby #finn shelby #polly gray #Ada Shelby …. A/n: This took me forever to finish (b/c I forgot about it), but I love this idea. Originally posted by mistress-gif. This is a series full of my "Tommy Shelby x Reader" Tumblr work. The modification is-sitting there with Alfie, is a woman just a bit younger to Tommy and she oozes confidence and take-no-shit attitude. A/N: requested by sweet anon and we're all gonna sit here and benefit from it. Tommy Shelby gets back on his horse. These are basically some of the quotes on life that I’ve read and loved! 1. Pairing - Tommy Shelby x Reader Summary - After a certain incident involving a few too many weapons, Y/n finds herself imprisoned in a hospital. All he learned from his aunt, though was that he’d inherited the Shelby …. — modern!reader x tommy shelby tommy. The princess of the family - SHELBY SISTER. It’s the vehicle through which the book moves. ” He scoffed at your sarcasm and reset his focus on the horizon. Pairing: Shelby x sister!reader. “You gave me no choice, you came with the whole pack. However, a new resident in Small Heath will question his beliefs and push his boundaries outside his comfort zone. tommy shelby alfie solomons alfie x tommy cillian murphy tom hardy peaky blinders my gifs bonus: giggly cillian <3 cillian murphy my gifs i may or may not …. + Tommy gets jealous when you flirt with Alfie {Smut} - Requested by: Anon - Tommy Shelby x Reader - Summary: Tommy …. You couldn’t figure it out why your heart had chosen Tommy Shelby. Y o u ' l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. But now they’re not, now they’re happy. You couldn’t contain your own grin. To your right you'll find filth and to your left you'll findmore filth. 4K Tagged: @angelaiswriting Author Note: Can Tumblr …. “Christ, I love you,” he mumbled into your hair, and some small portion of your life was totally complete. 9,801 likes · 14,935 talking about this. Tommy had vehemently protested nearly all of the events that lead you to burrowing a little space for yourself in his life and occupying your niche within the Shelby clan so well you occasionally wore Ada's clothes. Have in mind that this story happens in season 1 and the beef the Shelbys had with the Lees was solved before Tommy …. The only thing Thomas Shelby couldn’t forgive. ‘Tommy Shelby, I expected more from you. Louisa Sharp and Thomas Shelby's lives are intertwined; as if bound by ribbon, they always find their way back to one another, be it on the battlefield or at home. Summary: Tommy's hit rock bottom. reader trying to keep up with the shelbys: oh shit i’m too old for this tommy: you’re not that old (y/n) stop being dramatic. Hope you're having a great day! I was wondering if you feel inspired enough to write this one wherein the Reader & Tommy have been married five years and desperate to have a child. Polly Gray in 5x04 (The Loop) 4,998 notes. summary: spending the morning with tommy in the garden and the kids, prompting you to wonder about …. He knows you have good taste …. ” Arthur was confused, “She just said his name was John…” And four siblings stared at him incredulously. He’s gorgeous, you two will be amazing ️. this kinda works as a standalone but it's a followup to this tommy imagine so …. summary: tom had an awful day and comes home to his wife comforting him. Tommy’s silence, tells Ada everything she needs to know. A meeting is scheduled and when Tommy meets you, he is instantly drawn to you. Late at night Tommy hears a voice and meets this beautiful creature. I don't remember this tommy shelby peaky blinders cillian murphy gifs. A Family Divided- Thomas Shelby. He’s willing to play any game as he knows he will be the one to come out on top. Tag us with #peakyblindersgifs. Her legal guardian will soon kick her out and she has to get a job and provide for herself. ) Author’s Note: First of all, thank you to my brilliant friend @jxsmeen–b for thinking of this idea and for allowing me to write and develop it. Request: yes by anonymous Pairing: Tommy Shelby x reader Summary: Tommy has a way of calming (Y/N) down, regardless if he's miles away or right in front of her. Having expressed your worry to Tommy, …. Tommy Shelby needs a favor and Johnny Dogs says you’re the one he should ask for. Tommy demands from the threshold of his sister’s room. Your face was pounding and you still felt dizzy. See a recent post on Tumblr from @popcornpoppin about tommy shelby x reader. Originalmente publicado por sunraysinmyeyes. Hi! I really appreciate your fanfic about Ruby and Tommy, so can you write another one to me, please?! Ruby got sick, maybe some dangerous illness, and Tommy worried about her. Tommy & Lizzie | Make This Go On Forever. Summary: Tommy Shelby and his wife, Eva, host a garden party at their home to celebrate Oswald Mosely’s. Freya refuses… but what happens when she finds. Possessive THIS STORY IS A PART OF MY 1,5K FOLLOWERS CELEBRATION YOU CAN LEARN ABOUT HERE. Je pense, donc je suis- I think, therfore I am. Pairing: Tommy Shelby x Fem!reader (not really romantic…yet) A/n: first time actually posting this kind of writing. Warnings: mentions of death and violence (typical to the series) Word Count: 3996 A/N: I couldn't wait much longer to share the next part with you!. “Could you do a tommy imagine where you argue at a family meeting and you show him who's boss (angst/smut)”. "Christmas Miracles" - Tommy Shelby x Reader. Summary: At Grace’s charity dinner for her foundation, a tip from Tommy quickly made you lose your cool. a little leeway and a lot of restraint. Collins was just asking about the company. You shook your head and took the cigarette Tommy just lit. Pairings: Thomas Shelby x Reader Fandom: Peaky Blinders MASTERLIST Warnings: None SUMMARY: [see request] Request from anon: Headcanon for Tom Shelby dating a violinist player (edited) Tommy …. My heart truly bleeds for you, Tommy. Spies - You and Finn spy on Tommy. Y o u ’ l l n e v e r b e b o r e d a g a i n. Secrets (Part 1)- Ruby and Charlie Shelby have learnt to keep their secrets from everyone- especially their father. this is my first Shelby Sister fic and i’m sorry if is anything wrong with it, but i will improve!! and the one who requested it, i hope it is what you wanted and i’m sorry for changing it a little bit, i hope that’s fine. i'm talking so myself about myself — comfort tommy shel…. I remember how John was very protective of Lizzie in S1 and took care of her in S2. #peaky blinders imagines #peaky blinders imagine #tommy shelby imagine #tommy shelby …. The night she left Birmingham, was the night Tommy Shelby …. Discover more posts about tommy shelby, may carleton, bbc peaky blinders, peaky blinders, ruby shelby, arthur shelby, and Thomas Shelby. But when someone new walks into his life, he is left with nothing but loses as he is forced to come to terms with the fact that he was not the winner at the table. Being married to a Shelby meant that death was always over your shoulder, weighing down on you just …. second chances; tommy shelby. Originally posted by fearless-man. “Charlie, run get the nurse, we’ll be in the drawing room. Request: Tommy Shelby with a teacher ️ your nurse one was amazing! Originally posted by actors-the-best. TOMMY’S OFFICE, SHELBY COMPANY LIMITED, BIRMINGHAM I need an overseas connection, please.